Bitcoin is the best gift for any reason

Do not know what to give for a birthday or other holiday? Give Bitcoin! Bitcoin is the currency of the future, which is only growing in value.

Presented today 1 bitcoin, worth about $10,000, can cost more than $100,000 in a year!

But you can give any amount, starting with $20 or more.

Simple, Fast & Practical Gift

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is the safest and most anonymous way to store money in the world. It is not controlled by states or banks - only you are in control of your savings.

And our service allows you to quickly and simply make a purchase of Bitcoin and send it as a gift.

Your friend will be happy!
How can I gift Bitcoin?

You can give Bitcoin in just a few simple steps:

1) If you do not know the wallet or your friend does not have one, you can make a new wallet. How to get a wallet?

2) Select the desired amount to send and you will see how much bitcoin will come to the wallet

3) Go through a simple flow of buying bitcoin in just a couple of minutes, paying with bitcoin by credit card

4) Send a letter with wishes and instructions as a gift!

Enter the desired amount for the gift
And you will get amount of bitcoin to receive


= ~0.00124 Bitcoin
Simple. Fast. Secure.
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